20 Mar Best Way to Get Into The Mood for Biking

Contributed by Aisha Lin, OCBC Bank.


Before your ride, some factors might cause you to be sluggish to get on your bicycle: being tired from your day job, thoughts of what you’ll have for dinner and worrying you might not make it home in time to catch your favourite TV series.

Research has revealed that there is a solution for these – listening to music. While we do not recommend listening to music through your earphones whilst cycling, a study has shown that listening to upbeat music before your ride put you in the right mood for a work out.

A 1996 study by Karageorghis, Drew and Terry examined the effects of different types of music on grip strength. After listening to each type of music, each participant was told to simply ‘‘grip’’ a strength measuring tool. The amount of strength exerted naturally in the grip helps to indicate energy level of the participant. Every participant was subjected to three testing conditions: upbeat music, sedative music and white-noise sounds from a blank cassette; each followed by a grip test. Results show that subjects who listened to upbeat music had the best strength scores. On the other end of the scale, subjects that listened to sedative music scored lowest.

Since upbeat music is the way to go, I have prepared a playlist for listening before your ride to get you pumped up for it.

The #ocbccycleclassics playlist is complete with all the cult favourites – Bicycle Race by Queen, Handlebars by Flobots and The Pushbike Song by The Mixtures. I believe these songs will put you in the zone for a nice, long ride.

Alternatively, have a listen to our #ocbccyclehipster playlist with sui generis songs by independent artists. This list includes slower music, which is great for calming you down before carefully exploring new routes.

Tell us what songs help get you in the mood for a ride! ☺